Fit India School Week 2019-20

Health is a very important aspect in the life of everyone. Health and fit people really enjoy their life very happily and peacefully. Our school vision talks about holistic development of our students in a nurturing environment. Initiatives like FIT INDIA MOVEMENT helps us achieve our objective.

  • In order to inculcate the thought of healthy mind in a healthy body, NAFL-North observed a week long programme from 21st to 28th November of various physical activities
  • The morning assemblies comprised of Yoga sessions, Physical Fitness , Meditation and Quiz
  • We also conducted poster making competitions for our junior and senior students.
  • Zumba Fitness was also well received by all our students as they built their fitness through rhythmic steps on music
  • Students also indulged in the therapeutic activity of gardening with the help of the school gardener.
  • The sports department along with the Sports Captain and Vice Captain, conducted a fitness quiz for the students.
  • The students also engaged in Gulli Danda, a game played in our partner state of Uttarakhand.
  • The week long Fitness Celebrations concluded with tournaments for parents and teachers to bring about an awareness in everyone.