Students will have beautiful spaces that make them feel good to be at school. Classrooms at NAFL-NPS North are large and airy with big windows to let a lot of natural light shine through. The physical space and furniture can be rearranged to align with the principles of student agency, flexibility, and choice that leverage multiple modes of learning.

Classrooms have workstations that can be easily moved throughout the room so students become comfortable with working in teams and can also seek out spaces for personal reflection and work.

All classrooms have smart boards in addition to the state of the art modern Computer Science laboratory.

The science laboratory provides a space for experiential and hands on learning for students. There are separate workstations for Physics, Chemistry and Biology.

The library is the main resource center for students and faculty and can accommodate over 150 students at a time. Students have access to a vast collection of fiction and non-fiction books, reference books, academic journals, periodicals, magazines, newspapers and textbooks.

Specialist classrooms can be found for Math, music, dance, theatre, and art. All students have an opportunity to use these specialist classrooms.

The Healthcare Centre is where students go when they are in need of any kind of first aid. It is well equipped with basic medical equipment and medicines. A qualified nurse is available to attend to the students at all times.