Events in January 2020

Republic Day Celebrations 2020

“You must be the change you want to see in the World - Mahatma Gandhi”

The students of NAFL-North celebrated the spirit of the 71st Republic Day of India with a salute to the heroes of our freedom movement.

They dressed up as eminent freedom fighters from different states of India and took pride in glorifying and celebrating the spirit of freedom.


Keep calm and just fly a kite!

National Academy For Learning celebrated Patangotsav on 13th January, 2020 to rekindle the joy of the harvest festival. Students performed traditional dance forms like Gidda and Bihu to ignite the festive spirits. Flower rangoli and coloring competitions were organized for all students. Parents volunteered to teach the students the art of flying kites. The skies were soon filled with the colorful kites with seemed to resonate the school motto of “Reach Out, Reach High and Reach Beyond”

Author Talk

National Academy for Learning invited the eminent and dynamic author Ms. Swapna Dutta, on 10 January 2020.

The students of grades 4 to 8 connected with her instantly and interacted enthusiastically.

She shared valuable tips on writing novels and stories with the students which enhanced their creative writing and thinking skills.

Sanskrit Geeta Week

The Sanskrit Geeta Week was celebrated in the school from December 9th to December 13th.

The weeklong celebrations promoted awareness about the richness of the Sanskrit language.

The Students of Grades 5 to 9 had put up a special assembly on this occasion.

They depicted the rich culture, heritage, dances and poetry of our country in various forms.

The assembly started amidst chanting of Sanskrit shlokas which reverberated positivity everywhere.

The audience lauded the efforts of the students who upheld the sanctity of the language in a world of technical and scientific advancement.

Assembly Grades 6 - 8

Water is precious, so it is important that we do not take it for granted and that we use it wisely to ensure there is enough to go around in the future.

Our ‘Water Wise’ assembly presented by the students of grades 6 to 8 created this awareness amongst all our students through an engaging and thought provoking assembly. The show got everyone to realize that each one of us can really make a difference by using water wisely.

The well-choreographed dance, the engaging quiz and the informative trivia enhanced the entire presentation which was applauded by teachers and students.