NAFL’s Got Talent

“Doing easily what others find difficult is talent; doing what is impossible with talent is genius” – Henri Frederic Ameil

NAFL-NPS North sought talent to bring out the hidden gifts that a child has. NAFL’s Got Talent was conducted on 29th October’18 for Primary and on 15th November’18 for Middle School. Competitions nurture intrinsic qualities and remove stage-fright. It develops the personality of a child. Our students from grade 1 -9 unveiled their know-how to the best of their abilities through music, dance, mimicry, shlokas, magic shows and stand-up-comedy. It was a treat to watch the performances and the confidence of our students in their presentations.

We are told that talent creates opportunities, yet it is the desire that creates talent. The zeal to be different and the desire to improvise is what takes our children to newer heights of accomplishments and success. We wish the best to all our budding stars for a brighter future.