Sports Day 2017

This has to go down as the best ever sports day in the history of any young & upcoming school.

Co-operation, good sportsmanship & challenging opportunities were all put together to create one amazing day.

The Sports Day at NAFL-NPS North, Bengaluru held on 25th November 2017 turned out to be an exciting & entertaining affair for the parents, family members & all staff.

The students were at their best, having trained exceptionally hard leading up to the day. It was delightful to see the children perform enthusiastically, be it the march past, the umbrella drill or the fun races.

Our tiny tots from the kindergarten and Montessori took active part in all the events & won all hearts especially with their “Jog of Fame”.

The parents too were seen enthusiastically participating in the much cheered “Role Reversal” race adding to the enjoyment.

The warm words of encouragement & appreciation by our Chief Guest Mr. Hari Krishnan and our Vice–Principal Ms.Hemalata Pillai were the perfect boost for the students on their very first sports day at NAFL-NPS North.