AISSCE GRADE XII Results 2023-2024

The Grade 12 students of NAFL North have achieved stupendous success in AISSCE -2024.

AISSCE Grade XII Results 2023-2024

The results of the CBSE Board examinations for Class 12 were published on 13 May 2024 and the students of National Academy for Learning, North Bengaluru, put up a stellar performance.

In the Science stream, with Computer Science as his elective, Pranav Ravimanivasagam topped the school with 91.6 %. This was followed by an equally impressive 89.6 % hauled up by Dhruv Menon who chose Biology as his elective. PRASHYANTH. V secured the third rank by securing 86.6%.

School Toppers

Pranav Ravimanivasagam

PCMC - 91.6%

Dhruv Menon

PCMB - 89.6%

Prashyanth V

PCMC - 86.6%