Early Years Picnic 2023-2024

Visit to the Picket Fence

On 16th February 2024, the Early Years students of NAFL North went on a farm visit to the Picket Fence. On arrival, the children’s eyes lit up with excitement at the sight of the charming barns. They were warmly welcomed by the farm staff, setting the tone for a day filled with adventure and discovery.

Led by knowledgeable guides, the children embarked on a tour of the farm, where they encountered a menagerie of animals. From gentle cows munching on grass to mischievous goats playfully butting heads, each encounter sparked wonder and delight amongst the children. They eagerly listened as the guides shared interesting facts about the animals, fostering a deeper appreciation for the role they play in farm life. Touching and feeding the animals allowed the children to experience the joy of caring for living creatures. The hands-on pottery activity sparked joy in the students as the moulded clay to form beautiful pots.

Departing the farm, the children waved goodbye to their newfound animal friends, their hearts and minds filled with memories of a day filled with wonder and joy. The farm visit left an indelible mark on their young hearts, igniting a love for nature and the simple pleasures of farm life.