Grades 10 and 12 Annual Picnic - 2024

To foster a positive and collaborative school environment, the grade 10 and 12 students of NAFL- North were taken on an outbound trip to Ankit Vista on 8th April.

As the students boarded the spacious and comfortable bus, the air was filled with chatter and joyous energy. After a seamless journey, they arrived at the destination and were treated to a satisfying breakfast which was devoured by all and were geared up for the day’s activities. The first activity of marble shooting involved development of collaboration, effective communication, and team work.

Under the guidance of trained instructors, the students, geared up in safety harness, were thrilled to participate in the zipline adventure. The students also participated in a series of hurdle challenges designed to test their agility and problem-solving skills. To re-energize the students, a delicious lunch was provided. The students then enjoyed the Zorbing activity improving balance and promoting coordination. Finally, evening snacks were served and they began their journey back to school, entertaining themselves by singing and dancing in the bus until they reached the school.

The students had a fun filled day wherein they experienced and developed camaraderie, unity, and created lasting memories.