Junior Malhaar 2023-2024

The Early Years students of NAFL North put up a wonderful display of dance and drama for their annual event, called, “Junior Malhaar - The Enchanted Garden of Learning” suitable to what our students do best – learning with joy. The event unfolded amidst the warm encouragement given by both parents and grandparents, who filled the room with cheers for the little ones. The chosen theme was carefully curated to offer our parents an insightful glimpse into a student's learning journey.

True to the spirit of NAFL North, parents were treated to an engaging starter activity, setting the tone for the thematic journey ahead. From interactive counting challenges to captivating science experiments exploring concepts like buoyancy with sink-and-float demonstrations, the audience was enthralled throughout. Adding to the charm, children delighted everyone with a spontaneous flash mob, showcasing their proficiency in CVC words and stealing the spotlight with their innocence and charm.

Overall, the event radiated an atmosphere of boundless joy and pride, leaving an indelible mark on all those present.