Junior MUN 2023 – 2024

The third edition of the NAFL North Junior MUN was held over two days on Monday, 19th and Tuesday, 20th February 2024. The conference was attended by almost 180 delegates of grades 5 to 8, aged 10-13 years, from the NPS/NAFL group of institutions.

During the opening ceremony, students from grades 5 to 8 beautifully rendered an invocation song and dance, which was followed by a speech by our Principal, Ms. Hemalata Pillai and the Secretary General of MUN, Deeam Sharma of Gr 8. The Principal handed over the gavels to the executive board members of the five committees.

Delegates addressed a wide range of national and international issues, such as the militarization of the Arctic, nuclear threats, human rights violations in Gaza, and fantasy committees, such as Harry Potter. The newly included AIPPM committee was a hub of engaging discussions on the One Nation One Election agenda. The perspectives of the young delegates during the conference were a valuable source of information.

The Executive Board and the Organizing Committee contributed greatly to the success of this conference. The Conference provided delegates with an opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of international issues and enhance global cooperation, peace, and sustainable development. Delegates were awarded prizes for Best and Outstanding Delegate, Best Position Paper and Honourable Mentions during the closing ceremony of the conference. A huge feather in the cap was that this conference was completely organized and conducted by the middle school students, and left a lasting impression on everyone, making it a memorable event.