Teachers’ Day, 2023

Teachers’ Day was celebrated with zest and zeal on 5th September 2023 to honour teachers the “real heroes”. The excitement among the students and teachers was palpable.

The student council organized a school assembly to express their love and appreciation towards their teachers.

The event started off with Make your “State-ment” where teachers came dressed representing their state and walked the ramp. Students sang, danced and performed a humorous skit. Through their energetic performances, students expressed their gratitude by showcasing how teachers play an important role in making their students wonderful human beings. Teachers, the real heroes, don’t just wear capes- they teach, was the theme of the event.

The celebration continued through the week, with various activities for the teachers organized by the Teachers’ Day Committee. This included a Teachers Appreciation League Board where the teachers appreciated their fellow teachers by writing their super powers which was on display at the reception.

The celebration concluded with lots of fun activities, where teachers took part in drama, dance, games and had a lot of fun. The students honoured their teachers through a video, expressing their gratitude.

Thus, the entire celebration was a remarkable event to appreciate the real heroes who go above and beyond to shape the minds and inspire the hearts of numerous students every day.