The Novel Chronicles 2023-2024

Young authors of Grade 4 from NAFL-North have taken reading and writing stories to a different level as they wove their ideas and imaginations into writing their maiden novels and presented ‘The Novel Chronicles’.

It began with the previous batch of authors sharing their experiences, followed by Ruskin Bond, very beautifully enacted by a student. The narrators presented the novel writing process with great confidence and enthusiasm.

After an enthralling skit, the programme culminated with folk dances from around the world by the dance troupe symbolizing the weaving of a carpet equivalent to the writing process. The class choir mesmerized the crowd with their melodious song highlighting the importance of having a dream and building one’s imagination.

The inspiring words of Ms. Hemalata Pillai, our Principal, motivated the young writers to be more confident and delve into the literature world to make a mark of their own. She also inspired the parent community to set an example for the upcoming authors by developing and building reading as a habit for life.

Following this was the Experience Corridor which consisted of six browsing bays – namely Story Weavers, Spin a Wheel, Book Worm, Book Nook, Book Bay and the Puppet World. The Experience Bays offered a variety of fun-filled activities for parents, riddles and quizzes, story weaving from given story cards and a crowd-pulling puppet show. The whole event was an absolute treat to the eyes and food for thought.