Trip to Vama Retreat

To break the humdrum of routine school life National Academy for Learning North took the students of classes 9 to 12 on a one-day picnic cum outbound experiential learning trip to Vama Retreat on Friday the 10th of November 2023.

Vama Retreat situated near Nandi Hills is a serene and nature-rich location known for its adventure offerings. The students were engaged in activities under the guidance of Colonel Abhishek Sharma and his team that focussed on problem solving, trust building, fostering team work, overcoming challenges, and confronting difficulties.

Nutritious and well-balanced meals were provided, accommodating various dietary preferences. Trained guides and medical staff were present throughout, ensuring the safety of participants.

The students had a fun filled day wherein they experienced and developed camaraderie, unity, and self-reflection amongst themselves. The outbound trip to Vama Retreat was not just an excursion but a transformative experience for students.